Aug 3, 2017

Get Free Product Samples In The Mail

Free Samples from #PinchMe.
It is really nice to receive free product samples in the mail.  #PinchMe has sent me free samples of dental care, personal care, and free coupons as well.  Then I also receive a free sample of Jo Malone perfume.
It is easy to get free samples. Just register at for free.  Fill in your profile and answer survey questions sent to you in a periodic manner. Then you are on to receiving freebies in the mail.

*I received these products for free.

Jul 9, 2017

Compact Pocket Trumpet

When I was in high school, I tried to join the school band. I found it interesting to play musical instruments and become a part of the school's special events. Whenever there are parades and special occasions, my school's band joins and performs.  Then band playing is awesome to hear and watch.  

But I didn't get the chance to audition to join the school band because I didn't have an instrument.  I have been wanting to play the trumpet, though. I couldn't find someone who owned one that I could rent. Trumpets are great musical instrument. It's sound is fun and lively. 

My advice is, if you are interested in playing a musical instrument, try to learn playing pocket trumpet available at Musicians Friend . It's compact size is very convenient to carry around. Learning to play a trumpet is enjoyable especially if you will play classical music.