May 19, 2015

Tiny Ligustrum Flowers

Ligustrum flowers.
The sunshine yesterday was nice.  Although it was very humid, my daughter and I went out for a short walk and played tag for a little while on the driveway.  Didn't take long and we got very hot so we decided to check on the Ligustrum bushes in the backyard. Sure they're blooming really well again this year.  Unfortunately, not many butterflies are hovering around and feeding.  We only saw maybe not more than five of them.  Unlike two years ago, there were lots of butterflies and bees feeding on the Ligustrum flowers.  Mom and Dad were here on Memorial Day weekend two years ago and they were mesmerized with the scenery.

We are still hoping for the butterflies to come visit our Ligustrum flowers this month.

May 18, 2015

Bird On A Sign

Bird watching?  Not really.   I just love taking pictures of birds whenever there is a chance. They are quick so sometimes I had to be very slow and quiet so they won't fly away.  

This mockingbird was tweeting lively on a post across the road in front of our house.  I was standing in front of my husband's truck, as you can see, that's the roof top of the truck.  It makes me feel good to see and hear birds singing around.

May 17, 2015

Lazy Rainy Sunday Morning

Front yard.

We love lazy Sundays.  It was a rainy morning yesterday and quiet, too.  I woke up at around eight o'clock.  My husband was awake and already made coffee.  He was sitting in front of his computer working on the book he is writing for his side project.  Our daughter still sound asleep on the air mattress bed we bought from Academy few weeks ago.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to the garage.  We have a radio/cd player in the garage.  I turned it on and listened to Jack FM station.  It was kind of oldies music day for me. New Wave and 80's music.  Brought lots memories.  Good ones.

Stargazer Lily plants.
And when the rain stopped, I planted the Stargazer Lilies my friend R gave me the other day.  I hope they will grow nicely and gives beautiful orange blooms next year.

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