Aug 18, 2015

Sunset Over Nevada

Sunset and the crescent moon. :)
I went outside to water the plants around 7:00 P.M.  It was still bright and the ground got a little cool.  Super hot and dry summer in Texas that it can bring drought.  So watering the plants and trees should be done frequently.  I feel sad to see my plants unhappy and wilted.  Don't we all?

After all the work, I looked up the night sky and saw the crescent moon.  I feel good looking up in the sky.  And capturing it's beauty during sunset makes it more worthwhile. 

Jul 23, 2015

Rosa's Cafe Lost And Found

Rosa's Cafe Mexican Restaurant
DD and I had early dinner yesterday afternoon at Rosa's Cafe.  Then I had to go back last night because we found out that Bunny was missing and she said she left it there.  Fortunately, the restaurant has a  Lost and Found.  Bunny was there! Everybody's happy.  :)

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