Sep 7, 2019

Too Beautiful To Ignore

Happy summer! How was it so far? Are you enjoying the colors of nature? I hope you enjoy the outdoors a lot!

We go to the library every week. And these flowers inside and outside the library are just too beautiful to ignore.

Aug 10, 2019

Possible Career in Landscaping?

One of my dear friends, who lives in a nearby town close to me, is moving.  She and her family are moving to Houston. She said it's a work-related move so she has no choice. Haha! 

Kidding aside, they are listing their home for sale in the market.  So I came over to help her pack and get the landscape look pretty and presentable. It was hard work. But with the help of some of our friends, we did it. 

When you have a house for sale it is very necessary to include cleaning and beautifying the yard.  Now, can this be my part time job?  Landscaping? 

Jul 10, 2019

Rescued Plants For Cheap

What a beautiful day! 

I bought new rescued plants from Walmart today. They are yellow. 

So pretty!

This one is called Alamanda.

Jun 7, 2019

Belated Birthday Party and New Meet Up

Pink Hydrangea
Happy belated birthday to our dear friend.  She and her husband are back in the US for the latter's medical concerns.  Glad my cousin and I were able to get together with her the other day and had a belated birthday party for her. Also, we got to meet new Filipina  who happens to be residing in a neighboring town.   Her son was my niece's classmate from Kindergarten.  

It was a joyful day. 

Filipino food.
Food on the table:

Pork Barbecue
Roasted Chicken
Baked marinated pork
Green Beans Stir Fry
Brown Rice
Chickan Afritada