Sep 16, 2014

Our Lunch Today - Rice, Garden Salad, and Shrimp

Photo Challenge Day 16 - Balanced

Balanced diet.
This is my entry to the photo challenge for the month of September.  I know it's kind of late to join but I am doing it anyway.  Balanced is today's photo topic.  I thought I'd share with you our lunch today. And I think it's a balanced diet.  Rice, eggs, green salad, and shrimp are very delicious and nutritious.  And to keep our meals balanced, I do my best to serve vegetables or fruits at the table.

Sep 6, 2014

No Make-Up Face

No make-up.  No re-touch.  Just a bare face.  Portrait is taken at a swimming party at a dear friend's place. 

Yours truly.

Sep 2, 2014

Why Is A Fire Resistant Safe So Important?

Fire resistant safe.
A fire resistant is important for every homeowner, and it is best for people to check this out before they buy the safe. No one wants something bad to happen in their home, but a fire resistant safe can be used to make sure even a fire cannot destroy the guns in the house.

The Fire Safe

The fire safe is a good thing for someone who owns guns because guns and ammunition can make a fire much worse. If a fire were to reach the guns in the house, the ammunition could explode and create an even worse situation. Also, the homeowner needs to have a way to protect them special items. A fire safe can be used for many things, but there are many fire safes that are made just for guns.

Use Them For Other Things

The fire safe in the house that is in use can be used for items other than guns. The drawers and shelves in the safe must be used to protect special papers and documents that the family owns. Also, the family should make sure that they put their most valuable collectibles in the safe. These possessions may not be replaceable by the homeowner's insurance policy, and the homeowner can recover funds that they might have lost otherwise.

Hide Them

Large fire safes are made to resist anything. Someone who is trying to break into the safe is likely not going to be successful, and the homeowner should put the safe in a place where it cannot be seen. The back of the closet or a guest room is the best place for the safe. The safe will survive all break-ins and fires, and the homeowner will not be troubled to find something when they need it.

Every fire safe for the home must be used for the most volatile and valuable things in the house. Protecting guns and ammunition is wise for the homeowner, but the fire safe can be used for many other things that the homeowner needs to protect. One investment can save the family a great deal of trouble. 

Sep 1, 2014

Huge Black And Yellow Spider In The Garden

Huge black and yellow spider.
 Looked like this huge black and yellow spider was very upset when his web got ruined while I was watering my vegetable garden early this evening.  I didn't see him until I walked around to the other side to remove the dead leaves from the okras.  He was so big and freaking scary!

My husband said it's one of those garden spiders.  Some grow really big and some don't.  Boy, you will see different kinds of insects and arachnid in the yard especially when you are growing vegetables.

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