Jun 7, 2019

Belated Birthday Party and New Meet Up

Pink Hydrangea
Happy belated birthday to our dear friend.  She and her husband are back in the US for the latter's medical concerns.  Glad my cousin and I were able to get together with her the other day and had a belated birthday party for her. Also, we got to meet new Filipina  who happens to be residing in a neighboring town.   Her son was my niece's classmate from Kindergarten.  

It was a joyful day. 

Filipino food.
Food on the table:

Pork Barbecue
Roasted Chicken
Baked marinated pork
Green Beans Stir Fry
Brown Rice
Chickan Afritada

Mar 21, 2019

Spring Fever Hits Today

Amaryllis bulb.  Blooming so fast.

I am having a Spring fever.  My friend bought a few pieces of Amaryllis bulb kit in pots few weeks ago.  They were sold very cheap at the store so I asked my friend to buy me one.

I didn't realize that the bulb will sprout very quickly.  I did not plant the bulb right away after I bought it.  My husband was curious what's in the pot so he checked on it and tried to feel what's in the package.  He said he felt something weird in there.  So I decided to plant it following the instructions in the kit.  Sure does the bulb has sprouted (picture 1).  It was very amazing.  The next few days the plant was completely upright with flower buds (picture 2).  We're so happy.

And here it is in full bloom.   There sure is a season for every thing.

Trying to capture a time lapse video of the bloom.

Amaryllis in full bloom.

Mar 1, 2019

Arts And Green Experience At Northpark Center In Dallas

Northpark Center-Dallas

We went to Northpark Center in Dallas last week after DD's field trip.  We had a lot of time to spare so decided to do some sightseeing inside the mall. It was our very first time there. We were so amazed of the art structures and real plants in the lobbies. 

"It was an awesome new mall experience,"she said.

I loved the flowers and the little duck pond in front of Neiman Marcus store.

Feb 16, 2019

Pineapple Juice and Skittles

Pineapple juice and Skittles
I enjoy couponing.  I save money on the products I need.  Sometimes I shop and get good deals on items like apparel, shoes, home goods, and accessories.  Most of these items are gifts for my family and friends in the Philippines.  

What's amazing is that, I get/receive coupons and I use them to pay for food or drinks that I like.