Jul 14, 2014

The Garden Is Looking Good But We Have A Problem

Here's the latest picture of our vegetable garden.  The tomatoes are bearing and there's plenty of them.  The okras at the back are looking great.  They are ready to give us some harvest soon because I saw a few little ones in there.  

The problem we have now is that some of the red tomatoes have holes in them.  Looks like they're pecked or something.  My husband and I were seeing a bird landing on the sticks that he was trying to scout where the ripe tomato is.  So I asked my dear husband to buy a plastic owl from the garden center.  I got the idea from my girl friend because she has one.  I hope this is gonna be effective.

But something is also bothering us.  Grasshoppers are around again!  I spoke with my neighbor and mentioned to her about the holes in the tomatoes.  She said grasshoppers also do that pecking thing.  Oh no!  We have to do something about it quick.

The owl is watching over.
Jalapenos and tomatoes.

Anyway, here are some tomatoes and jalapenos I picked this evening.  We have so many jalapenos, too.  We gave some to our neighbor across the street.  It's always nice to share.

Jul 11, 2014

New Family Doctor

I went to a new doctor for a health check up.  The doctor that my dear husband and I used to see wasn't that very good.  I mean they don't call for appointment confirmations  and stuff like that.  Like they don't care with the patients.  Well, what do we expect?  My husband said the office is like a walk-in.  You can come and go just like that.

Anyway, I finally found a family doctor that seemed nice and accommodating.  Though the doctor's office is quite a distance from our house, the location is convenient from my husband's office. 

I had a conversation with her while she was checking my vitals and stuff.  She moved to Texas from Florida 10 years ago.  She has two kids but she looked very young to me.  I am glad that she gave me another refill of my prescription medicine.  She scheduled me for a blood work next week.  I have to go there at 8:00 in the morning.  Arg!

Jul 7, 2014

Comfort In The Perfect Footwear

I love it when I have time for myself - to travel, unwind, and to shop.  Me time is very important to me. I thank my husband and appreciate his understanding and thoughtfulness on stuff like that.  It makes me feel very secure with our relationship.

As I was saying, I love leisure time.  Traveling and shopping are good combination to me. :)   I like going to the parks and botanical gardens.  I enjoy looking around and these places are relaxing.  Feeling the cool breeze makes you feel good inside.

When going out on a hot summer day, cool and comfortable clothes are recommended to wear.  Light colored clothing is best.  Summer dresses, cotton shirts and pants are great example of these clothing.  Of course, the outfit won't be complete without the perfect footwear.  I prefer wearing flat comfortable shoes made with high quality leather or fabric because they make walking easy and comfortable.
 And every time my family and I go out of town, or even just going out to run errands, I wear my flat shoes because I couldn't stand walking on heels for a long time.  I recommend wearing comfort flat shoes because they won't strain your feet while you're out and about like me.

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