Jun 15, 2013

Weekend Snapshot: Presenting Our Vegetable Garden 2013

This is what our the garden looks now.  The tomatoes are growing so fast.  The long beans are climbing aggressively up the trellis.  And oh, I also have a couple of bitter melon vines at the far end of the trellis.  The okras are looking good, too.  I cannot wait to see the bok choy sprout so I can harvest them soon for my pork and mixed veggies soup.

In the photo, my little one and I just finished picking ripe cherry tomatoes.  She likes them.  And they're good in garden salads as well.


Sissym Mascarenhas said...

I love so much tomatoes!
I eat them everyday! :)
Send some to me!

I love so much this picture!


Tita Beng said...

What a lovely veggie garden you have there! I love cherry tomatoes combined on green salads. Yumm! The cutie little one seems to be enjoying the greens!