Jun 8, 2015

Enjoy Life Because Life Is Good

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend.  Super hot or no? Here in Texas we're getting really high temperatures again.  Well, it's summer so there's nothing new about that. :)

We went visited the folks this weekend.  Just me and and DD because my dear husband stayed home for he did some yard work and relaxed after stressful work last week.  The grass was so high that some of them were almost 3 feet high.  

As usual we had a great time at Mom and Dad's. Mom made some Beef and Broccoli stir fry and fried rice for dinner.  And a very good sweet iced tea.  We were so full.  Then we head out to the patio and visit.

"Let's sit here and enjoy life," Dad said.  Ah, life is good.

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