Mar 15, 2016

Spring Is Here Sunny And Windy - Clothing To Wear In This Weather

What a wonderful weather today. It's really nice to go out and have fun outdoors.  Plus, there's no need to wear sweaters for a few days.  Although it's sunny the whole week in Texas, the wind is blowing a little strong.  So wind breaker jackets will make you feel comfortable outdoors.  In addition to these women's spring clothes, capri shorts or lounge pants are also comfy to wear outside. For men, wind breaker jackets and pull over hoodies are also recommendable.  

Don't wear a summer hat yet because the wind will just blow it away. Try to tie your hair in a pony tail if you have a long hair. It will help keep your hair in place.  Always put some lip balm and facial moisturizer on.  Our skin gets dry quickly on windy day.

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