Jun 27, 2010

My Feet Hurt So Bad

I called in again. My feet was throbbing in pain! I felt tortured. I couldn't stand and walk. And when I do put pressure on my feet, they throb painfully like they are gonna explode. I was crying early in the morning when I wake up to get something to eat. I was miserable! Whenever the pain surges, I tried my best not to break out because my baby is going to feel my pain. I was crying, "Ayoko na! Ayoko na! My feet hurt so much!"

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Cacai M. said...

I hope you will be well. I am praying for you and your baby as your family as a whole. ~hugs~

Julie from Momspective said...

I have had two children and a hysterectomy. My feet won't ever hurt like that again and I hope you get to feeling better! Lay on your left side! (I think I'm obligated to say that) :)