Jan 10, 2011

Winter Weather In Texas 2011

It's freezing cold this morning. The wind chill is getting into my bones.

When I was driving to McKinney for a doctor's appointment, I see beautiful white snow everywhere...the trees, roof tops, road sides are filled with snow. It is beautiful! Our yard was covered with snow, and, I think it is over three inches thick.

The cold weather did not stop me from taking pictures when it was snowing on Sunday. I put my green coat and boots on in addition to two layers of clothing, then my honey and I took videos and pictures outside. It's a wonderful experience every year.

I am looking forward in the coming years to play in the snow with my daughter when she grows up. I bet she will love it.

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Sissym said...

My dear friend,

I've only seen snow up close as a child and remember it was a wonderful feeling. I would love to see again and with my daughter. I think she would love playing in the snow.


Mhar's Display said...

Hi Sissy,
Playing in the snow is truly enjoyable except it is very cold :)