Jul 11, 2011

Parents' Place

My parents bought this old beach house back in the 1950s and when they died I inherited it. I know it sounds like a great deal but the thing was practically falling apart and it needed thousands of dollars’ worth of work to even become inhabitable. My husband and I have spent the last two years turning it into the vacation house of our dreams and doing restoration and I think this summer will be the first time we really get to live in it and enjoy it which I’m really excited about! We decided it would be great if we could rent it out and make a little extra income off it when we’re not there so we had to update the furniture and install internet, which we looked into at WILDBLUEDEALS.Com. Now that it’s in tip top shape I don’t mind having people over and some of those people don’t even seem to mind paying for the privilege! It’s nice being back by the water again even if it was a total ordeal getting it all together…

This guest post from Werner Rogers

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Sissym said...

When my father died, he left a house in a beach town, but my sister and I decided to sell it because taking care of a house so far from us would give away the concerns.