Jul 31, 2011

Family's First Summer Getaway

It was a family getaway with my MIL.  We went to Oklahoma.  And it was my daughter's first summer outing too.  We went swimming.  She enjoyed swimming in the pool.  

There was a young boy playing with her in the pool.  He kept on moving closer to my little girl.  Of course, we did not like what the boy was doing.  When the young boy went away, my honey and I splashed in the water and played with our daughter.  There's a waterfall in the middle of the kiddie pool and she liked going there.

When the young boy came back and played with my baby girl, she wanted to kiss him now.  Hahaha!  I think that was funny because the young boy did not want to.  Cute.

The hotel resort is very accommodating.  The room rates are reasonable for a two-day weekend stay.  We were glad to have our booking confirmed because there were few rooms left in the last weekend of July.  Whew!  The resort is only an about an hour drive from where we live.  While I was walking at the hotel lobby, guests are coming in and the counter clerks are very busy checking them in.  At the lobby, there is a sculpted buffalo.  The water falls behind it dances with the light music playing in the background.

As usual, we "donated" something to the Indians during our stay. :)

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Sissym said...

Hi dear friend,

So you had a wonderful summer day!
Children love to play in the pool! Her daughter must have been very happy. Besides the sun is very good for the bones because it has vitamin D.


Write Mom said...

Kids sure do have their way of making us smile :-) cute story. :-)

Rise And Shine said...

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A Mom said...

have a great day!