Jul 26, 2012

The Microwave Oven Is Broken

Well, this morning something happened that upsets me.  When I was about to heat up breakfast, I heard a tiny 'zzzttt' in the microwave oven.  It happened when I closed it and pressed the time for microwaving.  Total black out-no light, no fan, no display.  After the leaking problem on the roof was fixed, here's another one.  It is always something.  Now we have to heat our food on the stove top.

My husband was trying to fix the problem this evening.  He thought it is only from the breakers but it isn't.  I guess the microwave oven is now broken.  Grrr!

1 comment:

texas_sweetie said...

sos mura pud na dri lage. mau gani cguro na inyo ginagmay ra, amoa dinagkoay jud nga taga liog jud ba