Jul 3, 2012

Business Solutions

I am always delightful with my husband's achievements.  He works very hard for us and I am proud of him because he got promoted.  His diligence to learn ECommerce Partners ecommerce solutions has paid great reward. 

A job promotion is aspired by employees these days.  But being employed is pretty much a big thing to be thankful for.  Of course, as part of the promotion, hubby gets a raise in salary too.  That's wonderful!  We will have something to add to our savings. That's the important part here.  Saving money for the future.  His job is brain draining but a rewarding task when projects are successfully completed with happy and satisfied clients.  E-commerce and business solutions need hard working people like my husband.  He keeps himself updated with technology news so he is always ready with resources.


mavicdesigns said...

Congratulations...You are lucky and blessed !!!:D

Marms said...

Thank you Mavic :)


Colleen said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the birdhouse Marms! It's really for decoration...they are quite small :) Have a great day!