Dec 6, 2012

Small Party At Our Humble Home

There's no big party for Kaye's 2nd birthday.  My honey and I agreed to have just a small dinner here at home.  I do not have much time to host.  I did not even decorate for the occasion.  It was just totally simple.  Because we are leaving in three days, a simple get-together with my cousin and her family was great.

I did not cook any food for the small party today.  My friend made four dishes for me.  Of course I paid her $25 per dish.  And she included a free dessert which I thought was a very nice gesture.  So Kaye's birthday party was celebrated successfully at our humble home.  And the most important part of the occasion is that Kaye had fun, as usual, playing with her cousin Claire.

Next big event is...vacation.

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