Nov 23, 2014

Excruciating Headache

An excruciating headache woke me up this morning.  My body was feeling so heavy and I was nauseous.  I wasn't able to do anything except laying on the couch and rest while my darling daughter was playing play doh and doll house.

The weather was very pleasant because it's in the 70 degrees.  Though it was breezy, it was a great day to go outside and play.  I couldn't get my body to cooperate.  I took a pain reliever to get rid of the headache so I can at least watch my little girl ride her bike in the driveway.  But I was feeling tired and weak.  

My strength came back slowly as the day went by.  I managed to prepare dinner for us and loaded the laundry into the washer and dryer.  Because it's Thanksgiving Day week, I want lessen the chores because we are going to our folks on Thanksgiving Day.  Gladly I am feeling better as of this moment.

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