Nov 11, 2014

Access Your Remote Worksite With Temporary Roadways

Don’t let any terrain keep you from where you need to be. Even the most inaccessible working areas can be reached with temporary roadways from Quality Mat Company. When you’re looking for a suitable surface, temporary access roads made from interlocking ground protection mats are an ideal solution. 

Before the 1970s, when Quality Mat Company introduced this method of road building, site operators were forced to take drastic measures to arrive at their construction location. Using aggregate road material or fill was one option, while some contractors chose to use a more labor-intensive process of laying individual timber boards alongside one another until a surface was created. Work schedules for projects continued to grow larger and longer.

Once interlocking mats were used to build temporary roadways, everything changed for the better. East to install and remove, these temporary access roads allowed not only shorter set up and removal of job sites, but also faster travel time for heavy machinery.
Distributing weight across the network of mats allowed the mats to provide a more stable base without damaging the ground beneath. With their laminated finish, these interlocking mats will stand up to years of heavy use on any type of job site.

To order your mats and create a temporary roadway to your next construction site, contact Quality Mat Company today at 800-227-8159.

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