Sep 15, 2015

What Factors Affect Your Decisions In The Coming Presidential Election?

Seems like wherever you turn the news on television, most of it are about the upcoming United States presidential election.  Highly important issues  and other political concerns are in the debate agendas of each candidate.

Tomorrow evening is another debate event.  Presidential candidates have to showcase their ideals and be well-prepared to answer ridiculous amount of questions.  Although the election won't be until November 8, 2016, tremendous campaigns are now presented.  Who would you vote for?  Are you a registered voter already?  What factors affect your decisions?  

But we all know that our votes are very highly confidential.  No one should except ourselves should know who our choice is.  Though after the polls, do you think it's okay to share it?  Take a look at  It shows a probable poll result which is kinda convincing, I guess.

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