Sep 29, 2015

Celebrate Your Mini Wins With Tastykake Minis Cupcakes #TastykakeMiniWins #Review

#Tastykake Minis #VoxBox from Influenster
Here is a sweet treat that I know you all will enjoy as part of your every day breakfast, snack, or dessert.  The Tastykake Minis cupcakes.  I am sharing with you my tasting experience with this yummy product.

I was one of the lucky ones picked by Influenster to do some taste test this.  So I received this product complimentary for testing purposes.  And it is really nice to receive free products to try out.  Thanks to #Influenster for the opportunity.  If you want to join me in Influenster community, you can sign up for free by clicking here.

Now, how does the Tastykake Minis cupcakes taste?  To be honest, I really liked how they taste.  Made with Hershey's cocoa adds to the fine taste and flavor of the chocolate mini cupcakes.  The filling is not too sweet.  The size of each mini cupcakes is perfect for a toddler to hold and eat.  My daughter liked them so much.  I cannot wait to try other flavors of the Tastykake Minis.  The VoxBox include two $1.00 Off coupons that I can use for future purchases of the product.  Winner right?!  

Here's what's in my Tastykake Minis VoxBox.
These Tastykake are not only for usual snacks and such.  They can also become a part in celebrating your life's mini wins.  Any kind of achievements, big or small should be celebrated with Tastykake Minis cupcakes.  As for me, I always celebrate life everyday.  As a stay-at-home mom and full-time housewife, I do almost all the work in the house.  Taking care of my family is one of my priorities.  So when my daughter wakes up early in the morning for her pre-Kindergarten activities at home, I celebrate it with a cup of cocoa drink with her and some sweetness on the side.  Or when my family enjoyed the meals I prepared for lunches or suppers, that is a win win for me.  Small achievements like that are worth celebrating, too.  And you can always do that with Tastykake Minis.  

For more updates and information about these yummy mini cupcakes, please follow them on their social pages below.
Tastykake Minis cupcakes are great with cocoa drink in the morning.

*I received the products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  All opinion are my own.

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