Jan 30, 2016

Easy Tutorial on How to Apply Kiss True Volume Lashes #KissLashes #Review #JingleVoxBox

Have you ever tried using false eyelashes?  It has been trending nowadays and the beauty enthusiasts have been posting video tutorials and photos of the look they created all over the Internet. Well, I am not a beauty enthusiast.  I am just a simple person who's interested in these things.  But I have been thinking of trying them.  Gladly I was given the chance to try these fabulous KISS Lashes complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.  They came together with other awesome products in the JingleVoxBox I received during the Holidays.

Products in my #JingleVoxBox. 
So it took me 45 minutes to about an hour applying the Kiss True Volume Lashes.  Hey, I am a first-timer.  How about you?  Have you tried them?  Let me know how it went.  

Anyway, if you want to learn how to apply false eyelashes, always read the instruction in the back of lashes and the adhesive products to avoid any kind of trouble.  Make sure your hands are clean before applying false eyelashes.

You will need:

Kiss True Volume Lashes
It comes with a Kiss Strip Lash Adhesize, too.
Eyelash curler and tweezers.
Here's how to do it:

1.  Wash and dry your hands.

2.  Curl your eyelashes.

3.  Brush Kiss adhesive on the Kiss Lashes band. Wait for the adhesive to become a bit clear before application.

4.  Use the tweezers to set the Kiss Lashes on your lash line. Apply gentle pressure to let the false eyelashes to stick and dry.

There.  I have my Kiss Lashes on now. 

Honestly, I feel pretty.  Haha.  Kiss True Volume Lashes are made with 100% real hair. The strands are sturdy and won't break easily unless you tug them very hard.  Now that I know how to apply false eyelashes, I will be using these often.

Eventually, the false eyelashes will come off by itself after about eight hours.  Our eye  
movements-blinking in particular, can do that.  Removing the false eyelashes is not very difficult. Just slowly and gently peel them off from the inner part outward.  You can either use your fingers or tweezers. Be sure you wash your hands first before doing all of these. Be careful you don't hurt your eyes.

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