Mar 11, 2017

Four Ways a Video Tour Can Help to Sell Your Home

When it comes to techniques used to sell a house, you may picture a realtor taking photographs of the inside and outside of the home. These photos are usually printed on paper fliers and in pamphlets kept at the realtor’s office. Today, there is a high-tech way to advertise a home that is for sale. Here are four ways that a 360, 3D luxury property video tour can help to sell your home.

Presenting a Full View

For a prospective buyer, watching a 3D video tour of a home is the next best thing to actually walking around the property. A video tour shows prospective buyers the main areas in a home as well as the quiet corners of rooms. An observer can get a very good idea of the spacious quality of a home by taking a video tour.  

Highlighting the Best Parts of Home 

By creating a video tour, a seller can highlight the most attractive parts of his or her home and property. For instance, if the home has a beautiful, antique fountain in the garden, a video tour can capture it from all angles. An airy sunroom, a well-stocked private library or an indoor pool can all be highlighted with ease in a video tour.

Allowing Room for Imagination

A video tour is an effective way to get prospective buyers imagining themselves in the rooms of a home. For example, showing all the design details and modern appliances in the home’s kitchen will make a tremendous impression on a buyer who loves spending time creating new dishes. The person may imagine him or herself moving around the kitchen preparing a delicious recipe for friends and family. When a buyer can imagine him or herself in the home, it makes the home even more desirable.    

Colorful, Memorable Images

The texture of the fabric on a sofa in the sitting room, the reflection of the sun in the window of a French door or a gathering of gleaming, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. These are just three examples of memorable images that could be captured on a video tour of a home. These images are sure to stay with the individuals taking the tour and may play a part in their final decision to buy.

Finally, a video tour can make an attractive home even more appealing to prospective buyers.

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