Nov 21, 2008

Monitor Your Husband's Location Now

Are you a jealous person? Do you easily get upset whenever your loved one, partner or husband, goes out with friends without you? I am a jealous woman (not overly so) and my husband knows that. Sometimes I call him 15 minutes past the time he is supposed to call me, and asking him what time is he coming home. He would say, "Sorry honey I forgot to tell you that I worked 15 minutes late tonight. I am on my way home now." At least I know why. I am not trying to be tight with my husband by monitoring his every move. I just want to make sure he is behaving good. ^_^

I know somebody who is a very jealous woman. She is a friend back home and she is always with her boyfriend wherever he goes except to work. They are living together for years now. We had a small talk one day telling me how irritated she was because she did not know where her partner went the other night. And she hated that. I jokingly told her that if she wants to monitor her man, she should use a GPS tracking device. Well that was not a bad suggestion. It would be helpful since she wants to know where he is at every minute. And if she is a little bit suspicious, it would be easy for her to follow him on track.

Anyway, knowing that I am watched or tracked is somewhat uncomfortable to me. I feel like I am not trustworthy or what. But somehow, tracking devices are very useful for businesses like logistics. They make the transporting of goods easy and reduce the problem of losing contact with the transport personnel.


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