Dec 17, 2010

Major Operation

I am recovering but I am still in pain. It is more than two weeks since I gave birth to a healthy baby girl through CS (Cesarean). She weighs 6.8 lbs...tiny but she is healthy.

I was in labor for 26 hours in the hospital. I thought I can deliver normally but my baby is still high in my uterus and a problem occurred, so my doctor suggested a C-Section. That was the first time in my life to have had a major operation. But there's no regrets at all.

Thank God all went well. My high appreciation to my OB/GYN, to the nurses in the labor and delivery, postpartum/recovery, and nursery.

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Sissym said...

At this time of year, to do shopping is delightful thinking about Christmas: best fellings. However, walking in the malls is quite tiring and we still need to be selective in choosing and pay the present.

I do not know if I told you, I'm moving soon. And it's horrible to do in high season, but it will be necessary. I'm going to live closer to the beach, but it is a shame because I love where I live (since 1996) and is closer to the school of my daughter.

How are you my dear? And baby?

Best for you, Merry Christmas, kisses