Dec 2, 2010

Holiday Parties, Galore

Guest post written by Ben Sanders

I always feel blessed around the holidays. Maybe even more-so now that I'm retired with my wife living the good life! But really, this time of year gives us a chance to get back to what's really important: family, and fellowship. We make it a point to have two big parties each year: one amongst our family members, where we spend the evening together eating, watching movies and exchanging gifts, and another amongst our friends and neighbors, where everyone brings a dish and we hold a holiday pot-luck. And this year? No different.

I'm looking forward to this more than ever (and not just because I've been craving my wife's amazing baked lasagna she makes for it every year!). I've really had the urge to get back to what's important and fix the things in my life I sometimes let fall by the wayside, like the relationships that are most important. In preparation, my wife and I are trying to spruce up the place with to make it as nice as can be. These are, after all, the memories we keep the longest!

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lina@happy family said...

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