Aug 4, 2011

A Year After

We went to FW to visit my husband's satellite office.   His co-employees want to see baby too, so we planned the trip well. After lunch, we drove to the office and mingled for a little while.  The secretary gave K a stuffed toy.  A little puppy.  Aw, that was so sweet.  After that, we drove to the store where I worked for more than a year.  And as promised, I came over to visit with baby.  Everybody adored my little girl. 

We spent did the traveling all afternoon.  On our way home, the traffic is not bad as we thought it would be on rush hours.  It was wonderful to see friends again.

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Sissym said...

Great! Mhars... the time is so fast... and so sweet when we are happy!


Mhar's Display said...


Yeah. It was a wonderful day with friends. Hugs!