Apr 10, 2014

Love Donuts

You deserve a donut.  :)

My darling daughter and I went to an Egg Hunt at the park yesterday with my cousin and her daughter.  On our way home, I was feeling a little hungry.  My little was eating her snacks and there was still some in our lunch bag but I didn't care for a sandwich.  I thought of donuts.  

I remember when my dear husband and I used to buy groceries at Albertsons.  I always buy donuts there.  So I called him and asked if he can stop by at Albertsons and grab a couple donuts while waiting for the prescriptions' refill.  

When he got home last night, he brought home four donuts - two for the little one and two for me.  Ah, I love donuts.  And yes, I deserve one.  :)  And so are you.

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