Apr 30, 2014

Lazy Day After The Trip

When I work so hard for long hours or being on a trip for a day or two, tiredness doesn't get to me much on the same day.  It will kick in the next day that will make me feel so lazy and tired.  And that's what I felt the other day.

We went on a trip to Oklahoma Sunday to visit and to have a family adventure in Beaver's Bend Park.  We went to the lake and had quality time just me, dear husband, and darling daughter.  It was a very pleasant day.  There was a forecast of severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings in some cities of Oklahoma but not in Broken Bow.  I thought we won't be able to stroll around the park the next day which is Monday.

It was only a two day adventure but I was tired and worn out.  My dear husband let me drive to and from.  We got back home Monday evening and we didn't do anything after dinner.  We're all tired and slept early.  Tuesday was a lazy day for me.  I did nothing but eat and watch television.

Just hanging out and feeling the cool breeze.

Sure the water was inviting.  A couple of kids were playing on the beach while the other one was swimming in the cold lake water.


Catherine said...

Well, when you are tired your body is telling you to rest. It is good that you took this advice and rested , watched t.v. and best of all ate.
blessings dear. Catherine

Mharms said...

Thank you so much, Cathy. Yea, I felt really relaxed after a day of doing nothing. :)