Apr 18, 2014

There's A Snake In The Garage!

'Freaked out today!  We were about to go grocery shopping and head out to my cousin's house after for kids play time when my darling daughter and I saw a snake in our garage.  It fell down from the garage door while it was opening.  I thought it was the manual that had dropped from the door but when I looked down under my car, that thing was slowly moving.  I screamed and told my daughter it's a snake.  Immediately I told her to go around the tractor.  She did and I picked her up quickly and put her on the chair in the corner away from my car.  The snake was slithering slowly towards the tool box and gardening tools.  When he was still behind the back tire (at the right), I thought getting in my car and ran over it.  But I couldn't find my keys!

My daughter was scared that she didn't say anything after I screamed and told her it was a snake.  She was just standing on the chair quietly looking at me.  Finally I found my keys which is sitting on the chair where DD was.  When I looked under my car the snake's gone and I am pretty sure it's under the tool shelf that moment.

I called my dear husband and told him about the encounter.  He asked me about the size of the creature.  I said it's like 2 feet long and like a 1/2 inch round.  Kind of dark brown and shade of orange color.  I didn't quite observed the pattern on it.  As per his suggestion, I pulled all the boxes full of garage sale items located by the wall close to the door of the house and dragged them to the center of the garage because the snake might slither towards them.  He told me to make some noise to scare the animal away.   I did it for like five minutes but the snake didn't come out. So my husband told me to go do what I got to do and he'll take care of it when he gets home. On our way to the grocery store I asked my daughter what's the color of the snake.  She said brown and orange.

As soon as he got home, my husband tried to find the snake in the garage.  When he browsed the garage door he saw the creature coiled itself around a metal bar.  My husband poked the snaked trying to get it off there.  When it didn't, he opened the garage door and there it fell down already hurt almost cut in half due to being stuck between the metal bar and the bearings.  Then my husband got rid of it successfully.  He applied snake repellent outside and inside the garage.  He bought it on his way home.

That was the third time I saw a snake.  I don't want to see one anymore!


Lucero De La Tierra said...

Yikes, that would have me going crazy too. For me it's like finding a mouse in the house. We have garter snakes in the yard. They are gross, but not poisonous so I can pick them up and throw them in the ditch across the road if I have too. They stay out of my way for the most part.

Mharms said...

Oh I can't imagine myself picking the snake. I won't be able to because I might faint!