May 29, 2014

Cleaning Up Garage For More Storage Space

This weekend we will be having a garage sale.  This is an annual event in our neighborhood.  It is not necessary that everyone joins the garage sale.  I sent out invitations to the neighbors and it's their decision to participate or not. Gladly I heard from on of them and she said she will participate.  Good!  My cousin is joining, too.  She will be bringing her stuff for sale here at my house tomorrow.

We have so much stuff to sell.  Mostly are clothing, toddler toys, kitchen stuff, a few tools, and knick knacks.  My dear husband needs to get rid of some of his old tools in the garage.  He needs more space for his electronics materials for his side job.  Another thing is hubby is planning to put new storage in the garage.  It looks terribly unorganized right now.  Makes your eyes hurt when looking inside our garage.  Really.

As part of his shopping for garage storage units, there is one that he is interested in at and it looks like it will fit in the space in our garage.  So hopefully, we will be able to sell all the stuff on Saturday.  If not, there is always another weekend for a garage sale.

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