May 16, 2014

Our Wi-Fi Internet Is Up!

Yay!  I am so happy that the Wi-fi is back!  We had no Internet connection for five days because the router got busted from the severe thunderstorm Monday. I woke up to the loud thunder and it seemed like it was just right outside our bedroom window.  

When I tried checking my online stuff, then I learned that our Internet connection is down.  I checked the router if the lights are flashing but they're not.  Solid green lights.  And that was the problem.  I left a voicemail to the technical department of our ISP that Monday.  Five days passed but nobody called me back.  So I tried contacting them again today.  I didn't get some luck getting thru the technical department's direct line when I called three times and waited for like 10 minutes each time.  I decided to get somebody from a different department.  And hurray!  A lady from the billing department answered and I courteously asked her to transfer me to the technical department.  After two rings, someone answered.  What the h---?

My concern wasn't very difficult.  I just want to know what the solid green lights mean and what troubleshooting we should do at our end.  That's all!  Then the guy said that the router was ruined and non-functional now.  We have to get a new one.

So that's what we did.  I bought a new router from Walmart for $32.  The installation was very easy.  Thanks to the lady who answered the phone.  And thanks to the guy who responded.  Now our Wi-fi Internet is up!  :)

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