May 31, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Garage Sale 2014

Kolcraft Universal 2 Infant car seat stroller
We just had a garage sale this weekend.  My cousin joined with me and had her items dropped off last night.  

It was kind of struggle because the weather this morning was unpredictable.  Early as seven o'clock in the morning I started cleaning up the driveway and garage.  Then I set up the garage sale items.  But after a little while, it started to sprinkle until the drops became bigger.  It was raining this morning.  So moved the clothing, small electronics, and baby and infant gear in the garage so they won't get wet.

There were buyers, thankfully.  We didn't sell much (because of the weather) but we did good.  My cousin and I are planning to have another one in the next few weeks before end of this month.  Hopefully we sell all of the stuff.

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