Sep 22, 2014

Gratitude Challenge - Day 1 of 5

Yesterday I received a tag from a blogger friend.  She is challenging me to post three things I am most thankful for.  The  challenge runs for five days.  Well, I accepted the challenge.  And here they are.

Day 1/5 - Gratitude Challenge

Today, I am very thankful for:
1. yesterday's family time out of town.  My dear husband promised to take darling daughter to the park and let her ride her bike there.  The weather was nice.  Though it was sunny, we strolled on the trails where there are shades from the trees.  We had a great time feeding the...turtles.  Yes turtles.  There were ducks around the pond but seemed like they were shy or regularly fed because they just ignored the popcorn.  But the turtles came and ate some popcorn we threw into the water.  

2. it's Fall season again.  I am ready for cool weather in the Fall.  And so happy that it has come again.  In the next few days, cooler breeze and changing color of the leaves will be felt and seen.

3. regular communication from family and friends here and overseas.  This always makes my day.

Have a wonderful week y'all.  By this weekend, I will be tagging three people (family and friends) to do the challenge. :)

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