Sep 26, 2014

Gratitude Challenge - Day 5 of 5

Day 5/5 - Gratitude Challenge

Today I am thankful:
1.  for the online tasks received today.  It is great to have regular online jobs that I can do on my free time.
2.  the cousins' visit.  My little one is always anxious to see and play with her cousins.  It's a pleasure to have them.  Not only they have a great time playing, they also get the chance to be with each other.  
The girls were just enjoying the play time.
3.  that I am getting by...somehow.  I may not have the big opportunities that every one else has but I am very thankful for the comfortable life I am enjoying right now.

So, it's the end of the 5-day gratitude challenge on my part.  But it doesn't mean I will cease.  No.  It doesn't end.  As long as we have air to breath, gratefulness shall always be.

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