Oct 18, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Queen's Tea Party At The Rose Festival

It was a very pleasant day this past weekend and my daughter and I visited the folks in Tyler.  My little one was very happy to see her grandparents, as usual.  

My mother-in-law informed me ahead of time that the annual Rose Festival is on going that weekend. I haven't seen the Rose Festival in Tyler since I got here in Texas.  That Saturday's event was the Rose Queen's Tea party.  The Rose Queen 2014 and her court were gathered at the Rose Garden to meet and greet the public.  So only the three of us went - mom, DD, and me.

There's tea served on one table.  Bottled water and cookies on the other ones.  The cookies tasted really good.  Mom said that the Rose Festival theme varies every year.  This year's is circus theme.  So all the extravagant gowns are designed with the circus inspired in them.

Rose Festival at the Rose Garden - Tyler, TX
 I was in awe with the Rose Queen's and the duchesses' gowns.  They were all creatively designed and made.  I bet those gowns were extremely expensive.

The train of the Rose Queen's gown hung and displayed in the garden at the Queen's Tea party.

DD with the Rose Queen 2014 - Ms. Peltier
DD posing with one of the duchesses and her escort.
Lovely roses in different scents and colors.

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