Jan 19, 2015

Satisfied With The Professional Plumbing Service

When he got home one evening, my husband noticed water on the kitchen floor by the sink.  He called and asked me about it.  I told him it wasn't there when we left. My daughter and I was in town that day.  He said the water kept on going.  He looked under the sink but there was no water there even in the sink cabinets.  As he was checking further, my husband noticed the water was coming from under the sink cabinet.  It was raining hard that day but it couldn't be the rainwater had overflown from the house's foundation.  My husband had a bad feeling that a pipe has popped and leaking.  He removed the dishwasher and check.  There's water on the cement.  He did something to prove his suspicion about the hot water.  He made a hole on the sheet rock by the kitchen sink where the water supply to the sink is connected.  There he ran the water for a few minutes.  Then he saw that one of the pipes (for the hot water) was leaking.  When my daughter and I got home, the dishwasher was out and towels on the floor.

That happened during the Holidays.  Very bad timing.  My husband immediately looked for a professional plumbing service.  He found one and that Monday of Christmas week the plumber came over and evaluated the leak problem.  The repair didn't start until the following Monday.  We are satisfied with the plumbing service.  They finished the job in three days.

We are happy and thankful that a major repair in our house is finished. The leak is fixed.  But it didn't stop there.  We have to have the water heater replaced because the water is not getting hot like it used to be.  So after the New Year Day my husband purchased a new water heater and had it installed immediately.  We have hot water again. My husband and I are so relieved.  

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