Jan 8, 2015

#CelestialTea Candy Cane Lane Green Tea Holiday Tea

I love tea.  I put honey as sweetener.
Happy New Year!  Yes it is the New Year.  We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with the folks and the rest of the family.  We attended the worship service on Christmas Eve, had a delicious meal, and enjoyed the moment of company and gift-giving.

Christmas time is the most cheerful time of the year.  It is the occasion we look forward to so we can spend more time with our families and friends.  Sharing the joy of the season together comes with great and delicious meals.  At mom and dad's, tea is the usual drink served at the table.  Cold, warm, or hot it doesn't matter.  We love tea.  It's supposed to be good for you.

I was so glad that Influenster has given me the opportunity to try this Candy Cane Lane Green Tea Holiday Tea from Celestial Seasonings which is included in the Frosty Vox Box that came in the mail.  A cup of hot tea is perfect in this cold weather.  What I like about this tea is that, it has mint flavors.  I like mints.  They're cool and soothing.  That is what Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Green Tea is - soothing.  It is decaffeinated so I don't have to worry about being up all night when I drink this tea late in the day.

I drink tea with or without sweetener.  If I do, I mix honey.  And the Candy Cane Lane Green Tea Holiday Tea tasted much better with honey.  And it's healthier.  We really enjoyed it.  You, too, should try the Celestial Seasonings Green Tea.  For more information about their tea flavors selection, check and follow them on Twitter at

*I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.

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Katriza Luna said...

Love this tea! I'm very particular about my tea as I don't bother with coffee! Thanks!