Mar 5, 2015

There Is Always Sunshine After The #Snow Storm

Beautiful sunrise.
Snow on the back porch.
Well I think this is considered to be the last freeze of the Winter season before the Spring comes.  It was snowing like crazy overnight last night due to the Winter storm.  I think we got about four inches of snow here in our area. I was very excited to go outside to play for a while in the snow with my little girl.  I know she'd love to build a snow girl again. :)

But my darling daughter woke up around eleven o'clock in the morning so I went took a few pictures of the outdoors with the snow.  Our front and back porches were covered with snow.  I couldn't even see the driveway.  My husband said he had difficulty backing up on the driveway when he was going to work.

DD wakes up slow so I let her have a little breakfast - chocolate milk and peanut butter sandwich.  Then we went outside after awhile.  We made two snowmen - a snowgirl and a snowman.  This time they're a little bigger than the previous one we made last weekend.  We played snowball fight. She had so much fun.

The temperature rose a bit this afternoon and the snow started to melt slowly and became slushy.

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