Apr 29, 2015

Home Security in the 21st Century

Most homes in the United States already have an alarm system installed. So when you move into a home that you have purchased, it leaves you with a few options regarding how you will use the alarm system. You can: choose to go it alone and just have your alarm to ring and scare away would-be intruders, decide to have your alarm monitored by professional companies like Alarm Relay, or pay for the services of security companies that patrol neighborhoods.

In most cases, people have found that the monitoring option works the best because you can use your existing alarm system and even expand it, and have someone that will be checking to ensure that a false alarm does not bring the police and cost you money that some communities charge. Of course, the primary function of alarm system monitoring is to stop criminals from entering your residence when your alarm alerts the company that it has been triggered. 

Another reason that people prefer alarm monitoring services is that if they travel, their service will find them if there is an alarm problem, contact them, and ask them how they should proceed. You can even log in to your account from where ever you are in the world and keep up-to-date on your home security.

Home monitoring can also stop one of the latest tricks that criminals are using, which is to modify sound beam speakers, car radar, and even cell phones to direct vibration towards your home. In the 20th Century, people would drive by your home to 'case' it before they chose it to burgle. Today, using sound and vibration from the street, they can emulate a criminal break-in to test your alarm system without getting out of their car. The top monitoring firms are aware of this and will look for patterns and work with you to ensure that type of activity does not continue. 

Finally, when you monitor with one of the more prestigious firms, like Alarm Relay, you can be assured that your home is monitored by professionals that are licensed, trained and vetted in the hiring process to ensure that their only commitment is to protecting your family and your valuables.

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