May 4, 2015

Nothing More Precious Than This - A Day By The Lake

Cute tiny blue weed flowers.
My family and I love going out together.  We went to see the Lake Lavon to see how the water level had gone up since the past rainy weekends last month.  We were happy that it went up to 80 percent. That was according to my brother-in-law who checked the lake water level status online.

So we went down to the lake and threw some rocks into the water.  My darling daughter likes to do that.  Then we found a small playground close to the picnic area.  We took a few of our pictures there.   I just couldn't resist not to take a photo of these cute tiny blue flowers.  They're actually weed flowers.  But they're so pretty.

By the lake with my loves.
It was a beautiful day that weekend.  Perfect day to stroll and just enjoy the beauty of nature with your family.  There is nothing more precious than this.  

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