Apr 4, 2015

The Cleanliness of Electronic Cigarettes vs. Traditional Experience

Sometimes in life it is difficult to give up old habits for good.  Some people got used to doing something just because they feel the need of it or just because it's part of their routine in connection to their dependency to a substance or a habit.  I am talking about the bad habits associated with addiction to nicotine.  

I never liked cigarette smoking.  I definitely dislike it if somebody, in my family or in my circle of friends, smokes cigarettes.  But I hate to say that my husband, my dad, and a few of my uncles were cigarettes smokers.  They have been doing that since they were teens.  I felt so frustrated every time I see them go outside and lit a cigarette.  My mom and my siblings asked our dad to quit smoking.  He tried his best to, at least, reduce the need to smoke by eating a menthol candy – which was effective, I think.  

When I met my husband, he was already a smoker.  I liked everything about him except his smoking habits.  But I accepted him because I love him so much.  Yet in my mind, I want him to stop it because it's BAD for everybody's health.  If you're smoking cigarettes, you have unpleasant smell (bad breath, body odor...etc.)  I talked to him about quitting.  It's for his overall health and of course, my daughter and I want him to live a longer life.  And guess what?  It's over a year now that he got rid of smoking cigarettes.  He switched to e-cigar.  Hey, it's a little better than an actual stick.  Though there is still nicotine intake, but it's in the least amount than an actual pack of cigarette contains.  21st Century Smoke e-cigarettes has affordable kits and supplies.  

I know that smoking is a hard habit to break.  But in this way my husband is getting there slowly and I completely understand it.  This is the important thing right now.

Back to the habits associated with cigarettes smoking, hubby has got rid of the following:

  • going out to the garage every morning just to smoke
  • going out the office every hour to light a cigarette
  • leaving in a middle of conversation
  • spending much money on packs of cigarettes
  • unpleasant smoke smell and bad breath

He has complete focus on everything he does now and has more time for us.

I am not saying that e-cigarette is an alternative to quitting smoking.  But, it can be a tool for a transition to completely stop cigarette smoking. This is a serious issue and I am hopeful that my husband, and my dad also will totally get rid smoking.

Remember:  Cigarette smoking is a health hazard.

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