Aug 2, 2016

Couponing: Household and Hair Care Products

One of the things I have fun doing is shopping for great bargains especially if they are needed in my household.  I also use coupons in order to cut the cost I am paying at the register.  I have been shopping using coupons (or couponing) for two years now and I can say that I am having fun.  Besides, I can get the products in a very low price or even for free.  My favorite store is CVS.  Aside from the coupons I receive from the manufacturing companies, CVS also gives out coupons to customers who are members of their rewards program.  Every now and then CVS gives you a percentage off your purchases in the mail.  
I only grab the products for my household needs.  Like detergents, paper towels, bathroom tissue, shampoos, toothpaste, and toothbrush.  Today I bought 3 tide liquid detergent and 4 Pantene products. P & G has a promotion this week at CVS that if you buy $30 worth of P & G products, you will receive $10 Extra Bucks or (it is like a cash back but in the form of a store credit/coupon).

I had a $10.50 Extra Bucks from my previous transactions which is last week.  So I used it to purchase Tide and Pantene products.  Also, I got P & G brand coupons in the Sunday paper and CVS gave me coupons from the Red Box - a CVS rewards card reader machine.  

The grand total of this transaction was $32. 81.  After deducting all the manufacturers' coupons and CVS coupons, the total came down to $16.83 including tax.  I used the $10.50 Extra Bucks and out-of-pocket of $6.83 to pay.  I got $10 Extra Bucks back.  Not bad for 7 products.

If you want to get coupons from your favorite P & G products, sign up here for free.

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