Aug 26, 2016

The Perfect Tiny Kitchen Renovations

Not every home, apartment or condo comes with a dreamy country kitchen. Are you frustrated by the lack of space in your tiny kitchen? There are some renovations you can have done that will open up the usable space and make you feel less claustrophobic when it is time to prepare a meal.

Take Out a Wall

This may seem like a drastic step, but it can really open up the space and make you breathe a little easier. You need a professional to do this so that a load bearing wall is not removed accidentally. 

Use a Mobile Island

If you seriously lack counter space for preparing food you can always invest in a small mobile kitchen island. They are on wheels and can be moved anywhere in the room, or even tucked in a closet when not being used. 

Smaller Appliances and Appliance Placement

You may need to scale down from full size appliances and opt for smaller, well-designed units. Under the cupboard mounted coffee pots, can openers and other small 
appliances can save you tons of space on the counters. Incorporating shelving designs to hold small appliances can be useful as well.

Lighting, Flooring and Glass

Subdued and multi-directional lighting can help soften the look of a small space. Quality flooring can also help open up a tiny kitchen visually. Exchange standard cupboard doors with glass front. It will make the room seem much larger than it is.

Color Your World

The right mix of colors can completely transform a small kitchen. Darker backdrop colors against white cabinets will give the room more depth. You can experiment with a variety of color swatches and see which you like the best. 

Limit Kitchen Activity

If the space is small it makes no sense to have folded laundry, homework or mail sitting on limited counter space. Trim it down to food preparation activity and items only and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much bigger the space seems.

It is time to get a hold of a quality home improvement expert that will know how to renovate your tiny kitchen to give you the added space you need. Contact professionals like for a free no-obligation quote right now!

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