Sep 3, 2016

Dell Netbook Battery Replacement

Combination Fajitas - Shrimp and Beef
 After getting our family portraits done this morning, we went to El Rodeo for a big yummy lunch.  My dear husband and I always agree on getting Fajitas.  They have meat combinations which you can choose either Chicken and Beef or Shrimp and Beef.  Darling daughter ordered Taco Salad.  We were feeling terrible after eating because we're so full. :)

New battery for my Dell netbook.
While relaxing and getting the food digested, I start replacing the worn out battery on my Dell netbook.  It's six years old.  No wonder it won't charge anymore.  I found a Dell netbook battery replacement on Amazon for around $11.00.  I hope this one will last six years also.

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