Jul 29, 2009

Better Protect Your Home From Bugs

Living in a house without air-conditioning needs high maintenance. Why? Because the house is open to dirt, dust, and bugs. We need to do a daily cleaning or dusting. Bugs come and go inside the home, ants under the dining table, and moths flying around the bright incandescent lights.

But these creatures do not disgust me like others do. What's irritating to me was when bed bugs invaded the wooden chairs inside the house. I hated that. I will not forget how nasty the skin irritation they gave me when I was a child. Eagered to get rid of them, my parents found and used a home remedy for bed bugs, which had eliminated all of them. Then, we never had bed bugs again after the treatment.


Tey said...

I just had a problem with rats and have to pay $200. for that... grrr.. I am happy they are all gone
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jenie said...

i needed bed have those creepy bugs probably due to all the vomitting my li'l girl did since she was born (ang dali mag-suka!)

BTW, come visit my lifestyle blog and grab the award i have for you friend=)

marifen said...

visiting here, happy weekend :) visit me back :)

Sissym said...

It was very good read that, here also we have these problems and they upset.

I found your comment so funny received that post I wrote about "mothers" but it was a joke!

I usually translate my poems for a special person in any time I will send to you also. Kisses

Mhar's Display said...

@ Tey
What? $200 for eliminating the rats? That's ridiculous. Well, good they're gone now. I don't like rats too.

@ jenie
hope this is the solution to your bugs problem jenie.

@ marifen
thanks. will hop in your blog too

@ sissym
really? you will send me that poem? I will appreciate it my friend.