Jul 21, 2009

Pregnant Women Are Attractive

I am so happy seeing our lady friend (my honey's former boss) pregnant of her first baby. And it's a boy. She and her husband is very happy about the good news.

To me, pregnant women are attractive. Maybe because I see in them the completeness of being a woman. Some women look well when they are pregnant. Especially when they are wearing maternity clothes. Agree? These clothing add to the charisma that pregnant women have. Our friend is so pretty with the baby bump, and wearing cute maternity clothes make her look trendy mommy-to-be.

If you are pregnant or planning to be one, I suggest to buy maternity clothing that is very comfortable and yet easy to reach for the budget. That is what we need in this tight situation now. Look for the most affordable clothes in store or online, especially on those clearance section where they offer 75% off the regular prices. The savings you will get from shopping maternity clothes can be set aside for future throwing a baby shower party. And speaking of which, our friend will have her baby shower held this coming Saturday.


jenie said...

i used to be a wanting-to-be-pretty pregnant mom, too.

linked you already...visit again=)

how do you do that drop down linky love? am forever hoping to find a friend?=)

Sissym said...

Hello! My boss is pregnant too and she is so happy because is a girl. I like your comment, cos I remembered my life.

Nice Week!

Maricel said...

Hiya! I was here! :) blog roll visit time! ^_^

I bought few maternity dresses before as well for just less than five hundred pesos for 5 pieces. They aren't those high class types but sure are comfy which is the most important thing. =)

Maricel --- Momhood Moments

Tey said...

I beleive this is true. Because the beauty of a woman bloom when they are pregnant.

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DebbieDana said...

And I am also pregnant here, and it's another boy!!

My husband keeps telling me that he finds me more beautiful when I am pregnant, hehe!

Debbie :)

madz said...

Yes, I believe they were :D

Paulette said...

oh yeah i so agree!!! preggy women are sexy! :D

Mhar's Display said...

sorry for the late reply. i can tell that you can be a very sexy pregnant woman :)
thanks for the link. the drop down list of blog links can be done like this, look for the /* Sidebar Content */ code in your HTML LAYOUT. then insert these codes under that code:

#LinkList1 ul{

hope this helps.

@ sissym
really? well, tell your boss i congratulate her for her pregnancy. thanks for commenting here my friend.

@ maricel
yes, the most important thing is the comfort.

@ Tey
correct. i hope my beauty will bloom when I get pregnant.

@ debbie
wow how sweet of the husband naman :) hey, watch out for it not to make you pregnant again :)

@ madz, paulette
i totally agree too.

Sissym said...

Dear, thanks, i'll you say her about your congratulations.


ejay said...

Hi.. I hav added u.. Pls add me too.. thanks.. tc..

Isolinx said...

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