Jul 2, 2009

No Interesting Offers

Since there is no interesting task to grab from the other website, I checked on the others if there are offers. Good luck came to me because there are two big tasks waiting for me to reserve.

I am blogging for a year now and I enjoy it. And last month I posted my very first contest at the Workplace in timing for the First Anniversary of my blogging. I had participants. The winner's name will be posted at the Workplace blog.

Back to my tasks, there are higher offers on the other websites so I am working on them as of the moment.


Ms. Journ said...

Sis Marly,
Asa man na nga site kay moapil ko basin maambunan sad ko hehe.. Kay lisud mang dakup ug wlaay dakpunon. hehehe!

analou said...

Hello my friend. Hope you will win the said contest. Good luck to you.

Mhar's Display said...

@ anne
i joined a couple of websites that helps earning extra money with my blog.

@ analou
the contest is mine analou :) would you like to join?