Feb 26, 2011

Grandpa's Health

I am a bit worried about my grandfather's health. It is off and on. I mean, today he feels day he is not. And still he wants to work in his farm. My grandpa is also maintaining an area of rice fields (that also consumes his energy). He was in a critical condition before. I am afraid it is coming back. My mother keeps on asking him to stay home and rest because she knows that working in the farm is very exhausting.

Farmers back home do not have retirement. They do not even have insurance plans. Instead of paying for the premium, they use the money to sustain the needs of their families. They do not think of their health anymore. Sad right?

The family is doing its best to help my grandpa care for his well-being. We still need him around.

We love you grandpa. Your great grand children are yet to see you.

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