Feb 4, 2011

Hiding The Post-Pregnancy Bump

A friend came to see us in Tyler on my birthday. It is the first time we see each other but we have already been friends online. She is also a Filipina and lives in East Texas with her son and American husband. Her son is playful and funny.

We had a long chat about my delivery experience. I told her I had C-Section. "I thought so because you still have a belly," she said.

I asked if there is something I can do, for now, to kinda hide the post-pregnancy bump. My friend suggests to use a Seamless shape wear that will work as a girdle. It can be found at It's the place to find the Best body shaper for those who have post-pregnancy belly like me. Nice suggestion. Since I can only do moderate exercises, wearing a body shaper can make me look a little sexy.

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