Nov 25, 2013

My New Glass Top End Table

So in this online garage sale, I was able to find new furniture for my house.  To be specific, I bought a new end table for my living room.  Originally, I would have had a coffee table and an end table.  But I realized that my little one needs space to play in the living room and I don't want her to be bumping on the corners, I decided to just buy the end table for $30.  The seller was originally selling the set for $150, $100 for the coffee table and $50 for the end table.  They were both glass tops. I tried making offers.  And I also asked if she could sell separately hence I was only needing the end table.  I waited about three weeks for the deal to close because she was waiting for the other buyer's commitment to buy the coffee table.  Luckily, it turned out well. 
I was so happy !

So here's my new glass top end table.  I grabbed the opportunity to buy it because I like glass top furniture.  The glass is very thick and heavy. The base is made of solid wood in cherry finish which adds to the attraction (to me).  And furniture is still in excellent condition. 

My new glass top end table.

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