Dec 29, 2013

It Would Be So Nice To See A Deer

We are at the folks' house this weekend to visit and spend the usual weekend with my honey's parents.  We celebrated Christmas at home so we didn't come over on Christmas Eve.  As usual, our little one was very excited to see her grandparents.  They weren't able to come to DD's birthday party three weeks ago because of the winter storm that brought ice and below freezing temperature. So DD got to open her birthday and Christmas presents Friday.

Since we didn't have any particular plan yesterday afternoon, dad took us to the park because he wanted to feed the ducks.  But when we arrived, there were a few people fishing and the ducks were in the distance.  Dad didn't want to stir the ducks which will create a disturbance in the water and disturb the fishing.  So we went home instead.  On our way home, we told dad that we're going for a walk for a while.  DH, DD, and I had a little adventure this afternoon.  Well, we were just having fun walking, looking for interesting stuff.  

Hoof prints of a buck and a doe.

Then DH noticed these deer tracks on the ground.  The hooves print were still fresh so the buck and the doe were kind of strolling along side of the road.  Ah, we missed them!  It would be so nice to see a deer.

We had a wonderful dinner with the folks.  Their neighbor across the street came over to have dinner with us. 

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