Dec 6, 2013

Weekend Snapshots: Sleet And Icy Weather On DD's Birthday

Oh man!  Winter storm is here.  And it is bringing sleet and ice which makes it very difficult and dangerous to drive.  We got freezing rain here in Texas and the temperature dropped to 14 degrees Fahrenheit which is below freezing.  The freezing rain accumulated immediately and turned to ice overnight.  Bad timing because today is our darling daughter's birthday.  Awww...

Because there's icicles everywhere, tree limbs were broken and fell over power lines somewhere that caused power outage since 6 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock this afternoon.  So my husband drove us around the neighborhood to look and check.  Then we ate brunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant (thankfully they're open).  After having our meal, we went ahead and buy some firewood for the fireplace.  This is the very first time husband lit the fireplace since he bought the house in 2004. We thought, because of the very cold weather due to the winter storm, the firewood will cost a fortune.  But we only paid $20 for a big pile of oak wood.  Which is good. 
Daddy lighting up the fireplace. 
The birthday girl. :)

So the power was out until 3:00 P.M. this afternoon.  My husband wasn't able to roast the pork.  We told our daughter earlier that the folks are not coming over because of the bad weather condition.  But my cousin and her family was able to come over for dinner.  I quickly fixed broccoli cheese and rice, adobo, corn on cobs, and banana pudding.  My husband bought a rotisserie chicken.  Gladly my cousin and her family were able to come because DD was kind of unhappy when I told her that the guests aren't coming because of icy roads.  But as soon as I told her that Audrey and Alexis (my cousin's daughters) are coming over, her face lit up with cheer.

Even though the weather was bad, DD still had a great birthday celebration with her cousins.
Trees bent because of heavy ice.

See how heavy the ice on that tree?

Icicles.  See where the drops stopped and formed to ice.

A tree branch broken and fallen on the side of the road.


nova hedges said...

I assume that the scariest to drive is when the road is sleet and icy have to be extra careful so we don't get into the ditch.

Mel Cole said...

Winter storms are not fun. Glad you guys got home safe. Pretty fireplace!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Looks very cold! It still snowing here too Mare.

Pinx said...

We also had a winter storm yesterday here... we had 15-20 cm of snow and I had to go to work, waded on the snow in the freezing wind! Well, at least her cousins were there to celebrate her birthday!