Dec 20, 2013

Ways To Get The Lowest Freight Forwarding Quote Possible

When you have goods to send, it can often be a large expense you’d rather avoid. In many circumstances delivering your goods is unavoidable, for example if you are shipping products to a customer, and therefore delivery companies see opportunities to charge you high prices which you can’t get out of paying.

This is not something you have to worry about when you use a freight forwarder. They will have connections with a large number of companies and will be able to match you up with one to suit your needs whilst getting you the best price possible. Nobody likes to sacrifice good service for a good price, and when you use a freight forwarder you don’t have to.
The best thing to do when you use a freight forwarder is to first of all shop around and find the lowest price you can. You can then tell the freight forwarder the price they have to beat. Most companies will be much more willing to offer discounts if they know that by doing so they will be able to beat a competitor. If you don’t provide a quote for them to beat, you may not end up with the lowest freight forwarding quote possible.

To get the lowest freight quote, the best thing you can do is be flexible with your time. It’s usually much more expensive to arrange a morning or afternoon pick up than to arrange one for any time of day, so if you can make yourself available all day on your scheduled pick up day you cut down your cost. It also helps to plan ahead because most companies will be much more willing to offer discounts on unused cargo space before it leaves than to leave it unsold, so if you are able to send off your goods at any time, your freight forwarder might be able to get you a discount in this way.

Whilst these are all good ways of getting a low freight forwarding quote, there are things you can do yourself before you even get in touch with a freight forwarder. Your cost will be calculated according to the width, height and depth of your package and this will include any protruding parts, so when a package is an irregular shape, you may find that you are paying extra just to ship air. If you have packages like this, the best thing to do is pack them tightly together in a box, using the smallest packages to fill up the spaces. This way you’ll only be paying for space you have actually filled.

It’s always useful to consult a freight forwarder because they have much more negotiation power than you, as they are the ones who bring a lot of custom to the delivery companies and help them to beat their competitors. This means they can often get discounts for you just by asking, and they will be able to guarantee you a lower freight quote than anything you have received.


Hobbies on a Budget said...

Shipping can be so expensive. Great reminders to shop around to get the best price.

Jennifer Williams said...

What a great idea. I had no idea you were able to shop around that easily to compare and get them to beat prices.

Tingting R said...

This is a very good tool for small business owners.

nova hedges said...

Very well said, interesting to find things out, thanks for sharing.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Comparing price quotes from different providers also helps saving money.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz said...

Great tips, will keep these in mind. Thanks!