Jan 20, 2014

Problem On Leaking Pipes Solved

I went to visit a friend who has had her birthday few days ago.  I wasn't able to come over to her house on that day because I wasn't feeling well.  The coughing and sneezing were really bad. Gladly I didn't run a fever.  And thankfully, my husband and my daughter didn't get sick.  It's no fun when sick. 

Anyway, when I got to feel better, I went to see her and brought some pizza and a birthday greeting card.  It's better late than never, you know.  :) I was happy for her because the water leak in their living room was fixed in no time.  They contacted a plumbing service that really was reliable.  Now their next plan is re-flooring because of a few holes created on their floors from leak detection.


Mommy Peach said...

Good for you your problem is solved! said...

I have the same issue right now. My sink is leaking and the water damage it caused is bad.:(

Chubskulit Rose said...

When you have leaking pipe around the house, it is must to address it right away.