Jan 12, 2014

Something Big Rolled Towards The Trees

It was a gorgeous day all day today...bright and warm except it's very gusty.  My dear husband went to the store.  Me and my daughter were just about done with our meals when out of nowhere, I saw something big rolling towards the trees in our backyard.  I looked out the window to take a closer look and it was a trampoline.  When my husband came back, I told him that our neighbor's trampoline was blown by the wind.  At first I thought it was the neighbor's beside us, but it wasn't.  The trampoline belongs to the neighbor's 4th house from across the street.  Sure that was a strong wind gust!

He saw something really upsetting.

My dear husband went to check on it immediately.  He helped the neighbors take the trampoline back to them.  When he came back, he told me that he was sorry about the puppy.  I guess the owners tied it the puppy's chain around the pole of the trampoline.  And when the strong wind blew, he got  dragged and hit several times.  That was very tragic.  We feel sorry for the chihuahua.  :(

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